Managed Project Office (MPO) was formed in Ireland in 2000, expanding to the United Kingdom in 2004 and began trading in the Middle East in 2008. Since its inception the business has operated across numerous sectors in many regions of the world. MPO provide on-site key project personnel (innumerous disciplines) which are under the client’s full control but with the unique added benefit of having the full support and technical back up of our experienced senior management team as part of the service.

MPO can engage and integrate with your management team at any stage of your project. Alternatively, from the project commencement, if required, MPO can quickly mobilise your entire project team in order to start the project off on the right footing. In other words MPO can cater for all your Project needs. Whether that is supplementing your project office on a long or short term basis through to providing your entire on-site project office and/or specific department within your project office. All of this with the added benefit of an experienced management team, virtually, mentoring and supporting your entire on site project office.

Local Experience
MPO prides itself on its local experience in the Middle East and, in particular, in Qatar, where it has successfully completed services for numerous local and international companies. MPO has a wealth of experience in the method that business is conducted in the region including all contract types and Qatar law.

Sectors Served

  • Civil Construction
  • Airports & Seaport
  • Rail & Transportation
  • Data Center & Technology
  • Hotels
  • Museums & Art Galleries
  • Office & High Rise Towers
  • Stadiums & Sports Clubs
  • Shopping Malls & Retails
  • Hospitals
  • Education & University Campus
  • Oil & Gas

Planning and Scheduling
Our strong team of planners is backed up by contractual and legal experts familiar with preparing programmes at all stages of a project – from bid, to on-site progress to retrospective forensic analysis for use in disputes.
We do not simply plan a project. We bring new ideas, fresh thinking and solutions to problems whilst looking for opportunities to reduce time periods and de-risk through ‘what-if’ scenarios.

Services included

  • Tender, contract and / or baseline programme
  • Resource and cost loading of programmes
  • Construction solutions and phasing to reduce project duration
  • Programme risk identification and comparison of mitigation methods
  • Progress monitoring, reporting and audits
  • Interface co-ordination
  • Time impacts arising from change recovery and accelerated programmes
  • Earned value and other project benchmarking measures

Scheduling and Planning is a critical element of any project and a contractual requiremenin many modern forms of contract. MPO provides a full range of planning services to support clients through all phases of the project lifecycle, feasibility, tender, procuremenand construction. The primary focus is to develop, provide and communicate workable programmes that all project team members can understand and subsequently deliver.